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SPOKES improves meeting effectiveness in a whole new way so leaders, and their employees, can get back to working on what’s important.

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Meeting Effectiveness

Measure meeting effectiveness and identify opportunities for improvement

Team Coaching

Coach teams to increase collaboration and productivity

Individual Coaching

Coach individual meeting participants to improve teamwork, leadership, and facilitation skills

Categorize the discussion between participants

SPOKES then analyzes data on the type, timing, source, and frequency of interactions to assess effectiveness and identify improvement opportunities.

Assess effectiveness & identify improvement opportunities

The discussion advances the meeting’s objectives. Everyone is participating and collaborating appropriately. The tone of the meeting is supportive and positive versus negative and acrimonious People are seeking to understand others’ perspective and not just promoting their own point of view

As a large consumer care company, we had never been able to meaningfully analyze our own meetings or think about how to make them better. SPOKES allowed us to assess our meetings and generated great insights that helped us not only improve our overall meeting effectiveness but to also rethink our current meeting structure and flow.

Senior Associate Director

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